Some people tend to be more organized than others. But we’re all guilty of losing our keys at some point. Since they’re so small, you may never see them again.

But don’t worry anymore. With a key fob finder, you’ll be able to locate them with ease.

How do Key Finder Work

Key finders come in different flavors. Even though they perform similar roles, the various technologies at play give them unique strength and weakness.

Key finders don’t use the same technology. The main differentiating factor you’ll note between them is the device they’ll be using. Some will work with a smartphone and others on a dedicated locating device. The latter has a wide range but are easy to misplace.

  1. Bluetooth Key Finders

 The technology is the same as the one you use to connect a headset to your cellphone. Even better, all smartphones have a Bluetooth feature. Use your phone to locate the lost car keys.

Some Bluetooth key finders also work in reverse. That means if you have your keys and can’t locate your phone, the car keys will help ring your phone.

The only challenge with this technology is the range. Well, some Bluetooth devices boast of more than 30 feet, but that’s not the case. In the real world, these devices will work efficiently if you’re within 10 feet or less from your missing keys. But why?

Various obstructions like objects and walls are likely to affect the Bluetooth signal negatively. The actual space where you lost them will also be an issue. For instance, if you shut them inside a freezer, the range will be less than ten feet.

  1. Other Radio Frequency Key Finders

Most key finders don’t use Bluetooth technology. However, they still use radio frequency receivers and transmitters.

The main advantage is their ability to use small devices rather than smartphone apps. Well, this is an advantage to anyone who may not be having a smartphone. But don’t be boastful if you’re fond of losing small things and objects.

Some of these devices will have a range of 60 feet or more. But they’re also susceptible to similar challenges like obstructions. Well, radio waves will travel through solid objects like walls, but it attenuates the signal, effectively lowering the range.

  1. Radio Frequency Identification Key Finders

The newest and coolest type of key finders uses RFID technology. Instead of having a large dongle receiver, they’ll use small RFID stickers or tiles.

In simple terms, the RFID sticker is paired to a locator unit with a higher range. It has the potential to pinpoint where your keys are. Even better, the RFID stickers are tiny, passive devices and won’t make any sound.

Are Car Key Finders Worth it?

Although some car keys finder suffers from annoying weaknesses, they’re essential. They’ll help guard against the possibility of losing them.

Since these locators have some shortcomings, it may be challenging to locate the keys immediately. But the ones with a critical finder attached are easier to find than the rest.