Your car or your ride is an essential investment you make that you must seriously protect. Extending the life of your car needs only a tad bit effort from your side. Follow these tips and tricks to keep running your car smoothly, and your car will continue to keep running and serving you for years. The aficionados of dodge certified pre-owned cars provide you these tips.

  1. Never neglect preventive care

Like any other huge investment, your car requires the preventive care to last for long. Rather than waiting for your service lights to light up, pay strict adherence to a schedule for your ride’s maintenance. You must always get your oils and other fluids change promptly as suitable for your vehicle. This simple maintenance trick will guarantee you that your vehicle’s engine doesn’t work any harder than it has to. For the most optimum results, get in touch with the service professionals for expert maintenance assistance.

  1. Practice good driving habits

Having a few good habits in your daily driving can help your car in lasting longer. For instance, always watch the speed of your vehicles. When you drive under 55 miles per hour, it helps in extending your engine’s life. Also, avoid the stop and go driving if you can, the repeated acceleration can strain your engine. If you don’t already, strategize and plan your daily trips more carefully. If you have to run multiple errands, integrate the errands to eliminate the wear on your vehicle.

  1. Inspect your tires

Prevent the flats and other disasters on the highway by inspecting your tire pressure on a regular basis. If your tires are properly inflated, you will gain a better gas mileage. Apart from that, you won’t make the car’s engine work extra hard. Also keep an eye on any tears and other damage caused to your tires. Never wait for replacing a bad tire.

  1. Wash your car frequently

If you allow the dirt and grime linger on the exterior of your car, you may eventually end up with unanticipated damage to the parts of your car. Salt and other chemicals from the road can damage the interior of your car. Always make an effort to wash your car on a regular basis, particularly in the winters when local government may salt the roads. Apart from this, washing your car gives you a good opportunity to check your ride for any potential issues.