Car modifications are big business. On average, we spend around 37,000 hours driving during our lives, and that’s a lot of time in a car we struggle to drive… As such, car modifications are becoming increasingly popular, with the likes of tuning boxes and other mods offering car owners a chance to increase power, without the extensive costs.

If you are looking to buy a new car, you may be considering one with mods – especially those that improve fuel economy and overall performance. However, there are other factors to consider when buying a modified car and Bluespark Automotive – specialists dealers in car tuning boxes – are sharing those secrets.

What is the value of a modified car?

A modified car value is subject to your opinion. Some may find huge spoilers and racing stripes substantially boost the appeal of the car, while others may prefer more subtle car mods. However, there are many advantages to buying these cars.

Many car mods, such as upgraded wheels, a better air intake system and tuning boxes, can improve the driving experience, handling and power of your vehicle. Essentially, you are getting all of the benefits of a new car, without a serious dent in your wallet. Add to that, a lot of these modifications are DIY, which saves a lot of time and money. Tuning boxes, for instance, can be installed by anyone who follows the instructions, and can offer you the power and speed of the next model up.

Should you buy a car that already has mods but needs a little work, there are plenty of shops around that can help, as well as information and guides online. Modified vehicles stand out and, when paired with exterior styling, can create a massive impact. If you are planning to add some mods to your car once you have purchased it, we would recommend looking into buying a modified car.

What should I consider?

Before you go ahead and buy the car, you do need to ensure the mods are properly installed and maintained, and look for professional advice.

Are the mods good quality?

Always ask about the car mods; where they came from, how where they installed and how long have they been in the car? This will give you a good idea on their lifespan and reliability. Often, many car owners buy cheap mods online that state they will improve car performance, but can actually damage the car. You need to ensure those mods are from reputable brands.

Are they installed properly?

There’s no point having the car mods if they are not installed correctly and are, potentially, harming the car. Test the quality of the mods and ‘try before your buy’, requesting evidence on the installation if possible. If you are unsure, it might be worth talking to experts in the trade.

How does the car perform beyond the mods?

The mods are the big seller, but the car still needs to perform basic functions for it to be a worthy investment. When some owners opt for mods to improve their car, they neglect other areas, so check the entire car and request a full-service history.

Does it increase the value?

This point is more for the sellers than the buyers. If you are modifying your car, check whether it will increase or impact the value when you come to sell. Some mods – including upgraded tyres and audio systems – can substantially boost the value, so they may be worth considering nearer the time of sale.

Temporary car mods offer the most flexibility when it comes to buying and selling a car. However, if you are purchasing a vehicle that has been permanently remapped, we suggest doing your research on modified insurance policies. For instance, modifications such as a lower chassis means the car is more vulnerable to speed bumps and kerbs, which could see your insurance increase.

Before you buy a modified car, do your research on the mods and speak to insurance providers to make sure you are getting the best deal.